I'm Cade.

I'm Cade.

I'm Cade.

Cade looking down with pampas grass in front of face

About Me

I was born in Kansas and have always had a passion for exploring new places and experiencing new things. When I was 19 I started my own company the embodied these values. The motto was “Release Your Inner Captain.” This means going out there and taking control and being the captain of your own life wherever that may take you. This motto is something I live by.

Some of my hobbies include swimming, cooking, playing the piano, and hiking. I'm constantly on a mission to increase my skills and I have recently got into web development. This website is an example of some of my work. I hope you enjoy it!





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Into the Abyss

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April 2019

Chicken Primavera

Easy to make, fresh, and absolutely delicious! MORE

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March 2019

Alfredo Sauce

Enjoy one of my favorites dishes that I make at least twice week... yes I know I'm a pastaholic! MORE


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